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PO Box 105700
New Zealand

021 703 003

Realise your dream! Become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor!

We teach all levels of Recreational Dive and Emergency First Response (First Aid) Instructor courses wit PADI Course Director Andy Stewart

Meeting Your Total PADI Diver Training Goals !

Total Diver Training for  your total PADI training goals!  Whatever your level or interest we can help you! From learning to dive, TecRec (Technical) to becoming an Instructor

With Total Diver Training you can;

There are several reasons why you should complete your PADI Instructor training with us, these include;

  • You won’t be stuck with a large student loan at the end of the course.  Our courses are not tertiary courses.  As such they are structured more around the PADI requirements of the course enabling you to be an effective Scuba Dive Instructor. You won’t, need to get a student loan if you complete a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) with us as the costs are much lower!
  • When you complete a PADI IDC with us your instruction is provided by a PADI Course Director for the entire course.  This is unique in the Auckland area and a real advantage to your training.
  • Our IDCs are run outside of working hours over approx. one month leading up to the Instructor Exam (IE).  This approach is again unique and enables learning over a longer period where we are teaching you how to be a PADI Instructor and not just pass the IE. It also means that if you are working you won’t be required to take annual leave to complete the course.
  • All of our students have a 100% record of passing the IE at the first attempt!

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